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Research paper samples may be of great use for those students who do not know how to write a research paper. You can use a research sample as a guideline for writing your paper.

There are many different custom companies that provide research paper samples for free. You may read the whole research paper or just part of it to see how you can organize your paper. Make sure you read research paper samples only from approved web sites. You should be confident that the information that is placed there is trusted and up-to-date. You may use samples of research paper as example or as a reference for your paper. You will be accused of plagiarism if you just copy the ready paragraphs from the sample and put them into your paper. If want to use the information from the sample and you cannot paraphrase it, so you should give reference to the example of research paper you use for your paper writing.

Exploring different research paper samples you may find good topics and ideas for your paper. Besides you may see how you may organize your research paper structure. The general structure of most research papers consists of the following constituents:

Title page – Introductory paragraph – Research paper body – Summary or conclusion – Bibliography.

In the title page you should point out the information about the author of the paper (your full name and surname). Write the name and the number of your course. Also point out your instructor’s surname. Centered in the middle of the page provide the title of your paper. You should also write the name of your city and the date for paper submission.

In the introductory part you should outline the subject of your investigation. Then point out the significance of the research subject. Introduce your own approach to the research problem. You may also provide background information about the subject. But do not go into details. Remember that you should present the main information in the main body section. Try to present the information in a logical and successive manner. So the readers will flow from one paragraph to another. Do not give discontinued pieces of information because it may confuse the readers and they will not get the main point of your research.

You may divide the main body into three paragraphs: – literature review – research – discussions Try to divide all three paragraphs equally. Make transitions between the paragraphs. For this purpose, use transition words and expressions.

You should relate the concluding part to the thesis statement. Summarize all your findings and main points of your paper. In the Bibliography list you should indicate all the references that you used for writing your paper.

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